All You Need To Know About Flooring

Is your floor in need of urgent professional touch? Worry not because we, at My Home GC, have years of experience in providing quality building services for residential spaces. Among our interior services are flooring, carpeting and basement construction, theatre room remodeling and creating custom garage system. Our competitive age is enabling all these services to be obtained under one roof. This kind method of project delivery basically results in more prompt schedules, designs of lower prices but of high quality and construction.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with multiple creative and value-oriented solutions. We are committed to setting exceptional standards in planning and scheduling, cost control, quality assurance control and project safety.

Examples of flooring materials we have include hardwood floors which provide an elegant style that is timeless and will enhance your home’s value. Our clients have the freedom of selecting samples, whether engineered wood, solid oak hardwood or any other contemporary option, for a home preview before installation.

Tile floors which come in ceramic or porcelain can be an excellent alternative to hardwood because they are less costly, easy to maintain and durable. We also install laminate flooring as an alternative for some of our clients and vinyl which offers antimicrobial protection while its moisture resistant properties easily handle humidity. We particularly choose products for their construction, elegant appearance, and durability.

Absolute customer satisfaction is ensured by the top-notch professional installers who are perfectly qualified, dedicated in their work and keen to build a strong owner-contractor relationship. Our projects are programmed in such a way that they have a particular time frame depending on work specification. Therefore, we ensure that we keep to the expected schedule to avoid any inconvenience with our clients. We provide pre-construction services in line with our commitment to thoroughly understanding the specific needs and goals of our clients.

Our prices are market friendly because we ensure our clients get value for their money. We are keen to come up with environmentally friendly flooring solution and our approach to sustainable solutions ranges from raw materials, manufacturing and distribution to installation methods and finally, recycling schemes.

At My Home GC, we save you the hustle of looking for multiple contractors because we provide all interior construction services under one roof. We are dedicated to bringing a most convenient interior home improvement experience with a professional touch to our clients through sustainable quality products, pocket-friendly prices, and excellent services.

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