The Nitty-Gritty of Residential Landscaping

My Home GC is a company with years of experience in the construction industry. We fully understand the fact that a spectacular exterior space is the dream of any smart homeowner. New trends and styles come up each day and we make the effort to make sure our clients have the best of everything from design to construction.

When it comes to landscaping our services are not just limited to lawns but we extend our services to construction of landscape features such as outdoor structures, turf, patios, pavers, rockeries, water features, gazebos, excavation, concrete Flatwork, fireplace, barbecue kitchens, irrigation systems, new gardens, drainage control, decks and retaining walls just to mention but a few.

We work with our clients from the inception of the project till you actualize your vision. We are committed t ensuring you attain that quality outdoor space that you desire by presenting to you all the available options and guide you through the procedure. Our services are competitive and of a high standard as compared to other landscaping companies.

Our team of qualified contractors and personnel guides you through the process of creating a custom landscape that is unique to your taste as we advise you depending on the environment and your set budget.

We also provide additional follow-up maintenance services every week, month and even seasonal check-ups to ensure that your exterior landscape is always looking spectacular no matter the time of the year.

How We Go About It

Once you come to us we seek to make sure that we are the best fit for your project. We try to seek as much information about the project at hand. We work towards making sure that we understand our client and they also understand us. We introduce our team and the scope of our services to help you make an informed choice to work with us.

Secondly, we review your plans to confirm that they are in line with the permits and also specified lot. In case, there is a mismatch we bring on board our draftsman and design to put things in order.

We then select the fixtures and finishes which determine the budget and overview of the final look of your backyard which we present to you.

Next comes the signing of the contract once we agree to work together. Then we start the process of acquiring municipal approvals for the project.

We then do the planning and start the construction updating you on every milestone we achieve.

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