Full Renovations


A lot of people tend to think of home renovations as small side projects that you do in your pastime. However, those who decide to go through it know that the truth is far from that. Whether you are looking for a change in the interior of your house or want to change the outside looks, a lot needs to happen for a worthwhile renovation to take place. The biggest problem with renovations is that you need to move out of your house in most cases so the workers can do their job freely and smoothly. However, to do so, you need someone reliable to work with, who can take on the responsibility for you, even if you are absent.

That is exactly what you get when you hire us at My Home GC, a professional home building and renovation company. Why let your home renovation be a cause of stress and worry when it can be a hugely enjoyable and relaxing experience?

Are you looking to rely on someone who can manage your renovation plans without the need for you to get involved hands-on all the time? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place as this is where you will find the perfect team for the job.

Let us take care of things for you as you relax on an ice-cold drink on a beach of your choice. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out more about how we provide our renovation services.

Types of Renovations

There is a lot that you can do once you decide that you want to renovate any section of your house. Depending on your requirements, you may be asking for one or multiple types of renovations and we can also provide consultation to you on what would suit your situation the best. Here are a few things that cover the broad renovation categories in terms of the work that we can do for you.

1. Window Replacement

Removing conventional windows to install double glazed windows is currently one of the biggest trends in home renovation. The reason for that is the huge amount of efficiency it brings in terms of energy consumption. The insulation provided by these windows can help reduce the strain on your HVAC system by a huge margin. The savings this can generate over only a few years would alone be sufficient to cover the cost of the window replacement project.

In the capable hands of our staff, you do not get a simple window replacement job. We provide you with complete details on the products that we will be using and help you choose the best possible solution for your home. The quality of products that we use is also extremely high and they can create an aesthetic that is second to none. Your home will not only be much more weatherproof but will also shine brighter than before.

2. New Construction

If you are looking to expand your property and want to make sure that your space is utilized in the best possible manner, we can help you out a lot. Our experienced project managers and provide you with excellent advice on what to do with your space. you do not want to let your space go to waste or get underutilized which is why we include the consultation in the renovation process as well. Whether you want to build a new porch, extend the garage, build a new shed, or install equipment of any sort, taking the professional approach can help you do things properly. We keep you informed about the progress constantly and you get to decide whether things are exactly how you envisioned them in the first place.

Our Process

We take pride in the way we serve our customers and our process is both easy to follow and meticulous. Our detail-oriented approach ensures that you do not have to be present on-site throughout the whole renovation process. We start by creating a detailed plan with your input on how the project will proceed and what steps are involved. Once the scope of work is finalized, we provide you with detailed updates that you can check constantly using an online portal that is accessible from anywhere in the world. So while you are busy sipping on a cool drink while relaxing on a beach, your house renovation project goes along smoothly and efficiently.

Our simplicity and efficiency make us your most reliable choice for home renovations so give us a call immediately!