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What You Need to Know in Regards to New Home

Welcome to My Home GC services, your one-stop shop building facility where we aim to leave all our customers satisfied yearning for more and more of us. This one-stop umbrella saves our client the hustle of hiring multiple contractors. We take our customers’ worry on our shoulders so they can relax and only worry about how hard it will be to let us go.

We have been in business for a long time now and in all that time, we have been the best at services provision. We believe in the ultimate customer satisfaction. By providing exquisite services, our team of certified professionals remains a world class construction company. Our previous customers will be our testimony to the quality services we provide. Our philosophy of always putting our customers first maintain that we build a relationship with our customers and by so doing we become more of a partner. We guide you through the process of construction so that you have the best of your dreams. Our customers are welcome to give us feedback and corrections although we are sure there won’t be any. What are you waiting for, grab the phone, you are one step away from having your dream house.

We are not only involved in service provision but we are mentors to several organizations and especially those that support the minority groups. Examples of such organizations include; local business especially those owned by women. We also invest and search for new business opportunities by:

• Meeting with business owners and development teams to discuss any contractors and suppliers who may have contacted us directly or with who we have a relationship with

• Contacting local community development groups for referrals

• Contacting local trade organizations for prospective hires in the area

• Conducting business fairs within the community to identify local businesses that could perform aspects of our projects

• Forging relationship with sub-contractor to partner with larger subcontractors to provide business opportunities for women and local businesses

• Targeting zip code business canvassing

We engage in building sustainable building either residential or commercial and create buildings that are friendly to the environment. We help our clients choose locations that are conducive and productive for either their housing or their businesses. We provide the necessary equipment on our ‘no client down payment philosophy’; equipment that will remain stand even with the test of time. We provide skilled manpower and a project planning team that will see your project from the start to the end. We communicate with our clients to update them on the development of their project. We also help our client estimate their insurance and also claim their insurance. We follow up with our clients creating the long-term relationship with them which is our goal.

Ours is a construction that will see to it that your vision of your building will come true with an even better solution. We offer the latest designs. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing our client’s face light up when they see what we have done with their dreams.