New Construction

Custom Homes

Would it not be wonderful if getting your home constructed did not require any on-site presence from your end? All you do is finalize the plan and then enjoy your time on a vacation as a team of professionals creates your dream home. That is exactly the kind of requirement we are here to fulfill.

My Home GC is one of the leading names in providing complete construction solutions to their clients when it comes to building custom homes. We are here to help you out and you will love the thorough process we take. By taking a calculated approach and considering all factors, we provide a highly planned construction service that ensures that you are getting everything done in the best way possible, all without being physically present.

By working with countless clients over the years, our team has developed the ability to read what each client is thinking and proactively provide solutions to their specific needs. For each project that we undertake, a dedicated project manager is assigned who makes sure that every aspect of the project goes by smoothly and in sync with everything else. This allows us to make sure that we do not miss even the smallest details of the project and maintain harmony throughout the project.

Typically, our project execution process happens in four phases. Each of these phases is defined below.

1. Project Viability

This stage starts by looking at what you own and the state of the land. We figure out what kind of structure can be built and if there are any hazardous materials present on a location that may need to be removed. After that, we match your needs to the bylaws of the area and make sure that you meet the limitations set by the local government.

Once we have the basics covered, we move on to the planning stage where we figure out the basic structural configuration of the house. A complete scope of work is devised at this point to list everything that we would be including in the house. Based on this preliminary list, we figure out an estimated cost that we share with you for your approval, along with a timeline on how long we anticipate the construction process to take.

2. Home Design

Once the initial strategy has been set, we move on to the designing part which includes making floor plans and completing the architectural drawings for review and approval from the local authorities. The complete material requirements according to the design of the house are then specified for ordering. At this point, a much more detailed scope of work for the construction process is also created for meticulous planning.

Any changes or updates to the project, along with their updated costs are determined to devise the overall budget for the project. All the permits required before starting the construction are also acquired at this stage. Our team creates a week by week timeline for the project which provides key milestones that are to be achieved during the extent of the project. You can inspect every aspect of this process on your project web porta which is constantly updated.

3. Construction

While you are away enjoying your holiday, we start the construction process by preparing the land where the house will be built. The area is cleaned of any construction barriers and hazardous materials that may be present. Once that is complete, the house structure is created, and all the wiring and piping is performed for all key home functions like HVAC, gas, power, plumbing, internet, and other requirements are installed.

Things like insulation and installation of drywall coms next, each stage utilizing the specific material that you approved for your house during the planning phase. Once the structure is complete, the finishing touches are added to the exterior like rain screen, drainage system, roofing, cladding, tiling, carpentry, fixtures, etc. once the process is complete, we do a thorough clean up of the location and add finishing touches prior getting the house inspected by the local authorities.

4. Finishing and Handoff

At this point, we review the detailed scope of work to make sure that every part of the house is covered, and no task remains undone. At this point, you get a thorough visit of the house with the project manager leading you through and any deficiencies are noted for immediate finishing. We aim to make sure you can move in as soon as possible. We also provide detailed documentation and photos of the construction process as a memoir and our service comes with a warranty of up to 10 years, depending on your municipality.